I.V.Stabilizer: Designed to prevent intravenous catheter occlusion


IV Stabilizer™ is the most convenient and inexpensive way to guarantee an uninterrupted flow of fluids. It complete protection of the intravenous catheter and stabilization of the leg.

This multipurpose tool can be administered to patients with burns, lacerations, abrasions, lick granulomas, elbow calluses, and is a great asset in post orthopedic surgery because it is completely radiolucent.


• Can be applied from just one person in less than 30 seconds
• Can be removed in less than 10 seconds
• No need for bandages
• No risk of an injury for the patient during the infusion
• The catheter is at any time accessible
• Light weight
• Soft sponge interior for high comfort
• Radiotranslucent
• Less stress for the patient



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